Monday, 31 December 2012


Today's doodles. Scribbled bikes for a change. I haven't drawn automobiles before, which is why so horrible. Don't even know proper structure. But nevertheless, its fun drawing bikes!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dancing beauty

What i did lately is this! I have been trying to draw this gesture since a long time and to get it right. I m finally quite happy with it, the right hand still gave me a lot of trouble though. I hope you guys will like it. Happy watching!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Surfing girl

After sketching and practicing structure and volume for a while, scribbled this.

Rhythem and structure

Some rhythm and volume practice. Found this method of drawing by 'Vilppu' quite helpful with locating the reference points on the skeleton.
here..check out the link

Out of my mind!


Some characters i scribbled while i was off working, just for fun.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Another superhero fan art. Nagraaj; Posses countless snakes in his body and can use them when needed. (*Read Raj comics for more info on him, could also google him :P) Well this isn't how it looks actually. For some reason that i can't understand( I tried both RBG and CMYK color pallets just to check if its the web color's issue, but didn't help), the colors are way different than what i actually did! Anyway, this was done a while ago.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

He is BACK!!

Always been a fan! But this wasn't planned. I just started to scribble one pose and ended up with this. And i suck at colors and digital rendering. But i could not leave it without. Its 'Spidey' after all! So here is my latest entry! Enjoy!!


I grew up in India reading Raj comics and fantasizing their superheros. I even attempted to draw them every once and then at my best. But I did not posses the skills at that time. And now when I have them, I hardly draw them anymore, which is very sad and disappointing. But i decided to not let that happen! So this is another entry in the same line.

'Bhediya' is a comic book superhero from raj comics. Half human, half wolf, he is son of the king of 'wolfno' born to a human mother. Belongs to the forests of 'Assam' in east India, he is the protector of forest and the life dwells in its shadows.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Caricature art..

A caricature portrait of an old neighbor of mine I sketched while he was busy talking to other friends. This was done few years back at home. I found it while sorting out my other sketches and stuff and i felt this worth sharing.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A short film, we made as a team of ten students and a mentor, Mr. E. Suresh(Eeksaurus Studios), based on an audio track 'Ud Jayega Hans Akela' By 'Kumar gandharv'. Its a visual journey which moves along, giving meaning to the song as per our interpretation of it. The video is 2.35 min. long and completely hand drawn classical animation.

Drawing with a model

Some quick sketches i made, while 'Vishal sir' posed for us in one of the sketching sessions. (Duration: 1 min. per sketch.)

sleeping beauty..

A quick sketch in between our sketching sessions. The cat belongs to a friend of mine, who used to get her to class everyday! She was so much fun to sketch randomly as well as to play.

Drawn from life

Here, i found some study sketches of animals i did back in time, on a trip to a zoo in Pune city.


This is one thing i really enjoy! Scribbling in my sketchbook. These are some character doodles and some random stuff.

Friday, 25 May 2012

When it comes to character animation, nothing can beat disney and and its animation. So, fascination with disney animation and its memorable characters is obvious. 'Beast' is one such character that anybody would die to animate. Well, i am no exception. I would like to share with you my lip sync animation i did as a classroom assignment a year and half back. The audio/video clip is taken from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast', one of Disney classics. 'Beast' is originally designed and animated by Glen Keane.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Now something not by the 'Lines'. Here is my one of my first explorations in 3d animation. Beginning with the ball bounce between obstacles.. 3d appeared a bit of unease to me but, i have improved a lot since this one. will upload more 3d animation soon..
My attempt of animating Tarzan. This was done for my weight lift assignment as for the purpose of learning body mechanics and develop the understanding of weight and gravity and their effect on body movements. One of my initial animations. It was quite fun to animate this work, the character didn't turnout exactly like the original though. But great learning nonetheless! And yes, extremely sorry for the poor video quality. Our capturing machine sucks!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

More of 2d animation.. A sack on the boat! Another assignment to understand principles of animation and their application, also, timing an action and syncing it with other movements and timings.
Finally, Some animation! This is my first 2d animation with a story behind the action. Had to animate a sack as a character interacting with some prop which end up in a funny situation.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pencil render- Portrait

Is anyone interested in realistic pencil rendering? Here is one work i did long time back, just for fun! Haven't done a pencil rendering in ages..
(Portrait: Venessa Hudgens)


another random sketch i was making. Didn't finish it though. But anyway, I would like to share it.

Say cheese.. :)

A fan art of batman and the joker. This piece i did few years back.


more doodles..

Bounty Hunter 'Doga'

A concept sketch for Doga as a contract killer who's incentive is money alone. Given up his mask of a selfless hero, he is no more a protector. He is an assassin, a weapon. He kills for whoever pays him well.

(P.S. - 'Doga' is a Raj comics(An Indian comic) character. A night vigilante. He is identified by his dog like mask and his weapons. And he is knows as protector of the night.) 

Monday, 21 May 2012


some doodles and practice sketches i do in the meantime...