Friday, 15 June 2012

Caricature art..

A caricature portrait of an old neighbor of mine I sketched while he was busy talking to other friends. This was done few years back at home. I found it while sorting out my other sketches and stuff and i felt this worth sharing.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A short film, we made as a team of ten students and a mentor, Mr. E. Suresh(Eeksaurus Studios), based on an audio track 'Ud Jayega Hans Akela' By 'Kumar gandharv'. Its a visual journey which moves along, giving meaning to the song as per our interpretation of it. The video is 2.35 min. long and completely hand drawn classical animation.

Drawing with a model

Some quick sketches i made, while 'Vishal sir' posed for us in one of the sketching sessions. (Duration: 1 min. per sketch.)

sleeping beauty..

A quick sketch in between our sketching sessions. The cat belongs to a friend of mine, who used to get her to class everyday! She was so much fun to sketch randomly as well as to play.

Drawn from life

Here, i found some study sketches of animals i did back in time, on a trip to a zoo in Pune city.


This is one thing i really enjoy! Scribbling in my sketchbook. These are some character doodles and some random stuff.